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Conversations in Gondwana

Conversations in Gondwana is a platform of research and experimentation in contemporary art between countries of the global South. For the first edition of the project, curators Juliana Caffé and Juliana Gontijo invited five duos formed by artists from South Africa and Brazil to keep in contact during a year. These exchanges resulted in the creation of collaborative works of art that will be exhibited for the first time at São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP), between February 7 and April 7, 2019, with the support of São Paulo State Government. The duos are formed by the artists: Aline Xavier and Haroon Gunn-Salie; Ana Hupe and Gabrielle Goliath; Clara Ianni and Mikhael Subotzky; Daniel Lima and Ismail Farouk; Paulo Nimer Pjota & Siwa Mgoboza. Considering the decolonial perspective, their works address questions of history, identity, gender and urban dynamics. All the South African artists will be going to Brazil in order to develop and activate the pieces in collaboration with their Brazilian partners. In addition to the exchange and residency programs offered to the artists,Conversations in Gondwana also features a public program with a series of open conversations and performances.

“Gondwana” is the name of the supercontinent that about 200 million years ago united the continental masses of what we now call South America, Africa, Antarctica, Australia and India. In reference to this distant geological past, the project seeks to intensify the artistic practices and investigations among artists, curators and researchers of this region, which is characterized by a lost geographical connection and an interconnected history.

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